Dress Code

Desert Sands Dress Code

Personal appearance is important. A good appearance can promote success in school and life. Students are to wear the appropriate dress attire during the school day and at school sponsored activities. Students are to be dressed and groomed in a manner that reflects school as a place of learning.


  • White or light blue polo shirts
  • Desert Sands spirit shirts
  • Dark blue or plain blue jeans
  • Skirts and shorts, 3 in. above the knee or longer
  • Shoes must be covered and must meet the P.E. safety requirements. Sandals are not allowed.
  • White, black or gray under shirts
  • Any other styles or fads that detract from the educational process will not be allowed.
  • Beanies many be worn (outside due to cold weather) during Nov. 1 – Feb.28
  • Solid color or Desert Sands hooded sweatshirts are acceptable
  • Sweaters may be worn over uniform shirts
  • I.D’s must be on you at all times.

Not Acceptable

  • No cutoff shorts
  • No baggy or oversized uniforms are acceptable
  • Sagging is not allowed
  • No red or blue hooded sweatshirts
  • No red sweaters
  • No red or blue belts
  • No sandals
  • No Bandanas,
  • No baseball caps
  • No hairnets
  • No writing on hands, arms, legs, or face

* Cell phones and electronic devices are subject to confiscation if they are disrupting the educational environment. Cell phone use is prohibited on Desert Sands campus during the school day (this includes phone calls, text messages, picture and video messages). Electronic devices are not allowed to be used inside classrooms or in between classes. These items are not recommended to be brought to school. Administration and teachers are NOT responsible for their safekeeping. Bring at your own risk. 

* Office/classroom phones are accessible for student phone calls throughout the day. 

* Administrators will make the final decision on all dress code issues. 

Violation of this policy will lead to consequences (lunch or after-school detention); parents/guardians are required to be available to provide proper attire

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